Full Service Form 5500 Preparation


Full Service Form 5500 Preparation

The Form 5500 must be filed annually to satisfy reporting requirements under ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code for medical, dental, life insurance, severance, profit sharing, 401(k), money or stock bonus plans, annuities, retirement arrangements and pension plans.

FuturePlan serves as the gatekeeper of this essential document, carefully detailing all the information needed about plan operations and financial status. Our triple-check review process means clients can be confident that their Form 5500 will be filed on time, with 100% accuracy.

Our services include

  • Listing all assets and liabilities (Schedule H or I)
  • Providing information about each insurance contract used (Schedule A)
  • Listing every service provider (Schedule C)
  • Completing specific schedules for pension plans (Schedule R)
  • Itemizing loans, fixed income obligations, leases in default, or uncollectible/non-exempt transactions (Schedule G)