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For many businesses, December is traditionally the busiest time of the year. At Dedicated DB, the same holds true. But we are not your typical TPA and being busy doesn’t stop us from continuing to provide white glove service year-round. Our mission is simple: to help high-income clients keep more of their earnings each year by offering the best, most tax-efficient retirement programs approved by the IRS.

What do we offer?

Dedicated DB is the leading national third-party administrator of Defined Benefit plans for 1-10 employee companies. We specialize in the delivery of micro Defined Benefit and Cash Balance retirement pension plans. For over 20 years, we have built our reputation by helping clients meet their retirement goals.

Defined Benefit plans: double the benefits

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and solo (individual) 401(k) plans offer good retirement strategies and tax advantages to small business owners and individuals. However, Defined Benefit retirement plans can help turbocharge the tax savings and retirement income needs of individuals with self-employment income, as well as owner-only or family businesses. High-income professionals, like doctors, board directors, farmers, realtors, and consultants, open Defined Benefit plans and the benefits are two-fold:

  • Defined Benefit plans may allow clients to contribute two-to-three times the amount they might otherwise contribute to a SEP or 401(k).
  • Contributions are tax deductible and may provide tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings.

Cash Balance plans: helping small business owners keep more of their earnings

We have made Cash Balance retirement plans for micro businesses (fewer than 10 employees) easy to open and manage. Cash Balance plans may allow clients to contribute and deduct more than $150,000 annually for themselves. By combining with a 401(k), we can usually limit the costs to them for employee benefits.

The time to open plans is now

The end of the year is approaching, but there are benefits to opening plans before December 31, including potential tax advantages for businesses with employees, ease of planning around possible year-end adjustments, and opening the plan before proposed tax changes take effect. Want an easy way to get the conversation started? Try our Defined Benefit plan calculator to quickly estimate tax savings and maximum contribution.