Benefits Advantage is our quarterly newsletter for retirement plan sponsors and their financial advisors. In it, we cover new legislative and regulatory updates, plan and income limits, and upcoming compliance calendars. We also cover administration reminders, information on specialized plans and design strategies for your consideration, as well as news from the FuturePlan team.

Benefits Advantage 2022: Issue 3
Are You Highly Compensated and Why Does It Matter?; Repaying Coronavirus Related Distributions (CRDs); Compliance Reminders for 4Q2022: For the Calendar Plan Year 2022

Benefits Advantage 2022: Issue 2
Lifetime Income Disclosures Required for Participants; Understanding Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDROs) Q & A; Compliance Reminders for 3Q2022: For the Calendar Plan Year 2022; FuturePlan Specialty Practices: ESOP Distribution Policy Considerations

Benefits Advantage 2022: Issue 1
Fiduciary Services: Do You Need an "ERISA 3(16) Fiduciary"; Record Retention and Digital Record Retention Guidelines; Understanding Ownership Attribution for Retirement Plans; Reminder: April 18 is IRS Tax Filing Deadline for Most Individual Filers; Compliance Reminders for 2Q2022: For the Calendar Plan Year 2022; FuturePlan’s Specialty Practices: A Guide to Prevailing Wage; Spotlight on Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Benefits Advantage 2021: Issue 4
IRS Updates Coronavirus-Related Relief FAQs; New for RMDs in 2022:Updated Life Expectancy Tables; Reminder: Cost-of Living Adjusted (COLA) Plan Limits for 2022; Compliance Reminders for 1Q2022: Plan Year 2022

Benefits Advantage 2021: Issue 3
Use of Remote Notary and Witnesses Extended; Insights on Plan Participation; Reminder: A Plan Sponsor’s Responsibilities; When Employees Leave, but Plan Accounts Stay; Cash Balance Plans as a Savings Strategy; November 1 Deadline for SIMPLE Plans; Compliance Reminders for 4Q21: Plan Year 2021

Benefits Advantage 2021: Issue 2
Post-SECURE Act Safe Harbor Plan Considerations; Cybersecurity Program Best Practices; Electronic Document Delivery Guidance; Census: The Core of Your Retirement Plan; Compliance Reminders for 3Q21: Plan Year 2021

Benefits Advantage 2021: Issue 1
Planning Opportunities for 401(k) Plans Under Notice 2020-86; New Participation Requirements for Long-term, Part-time Employees; Missing Participants: Prevention Is the Best Cure; American Rescue Plan Act Provides Coronavirus Relief; Compliance Reminders for 2Q2021: Plan Year 2021

Benefits Advantage 2020: Issue 4
SECURE ACT; Coronavirus Loan Relief; 6 Good Habits For Plan Sponsors; 2021 Plan Limits; and Upcoming Compliance Calendar

Benefits Advantage 2020: Issue 3
Defined Contribution Restatement; New Auditing Standards; CARES Act; and Upcoming Compliance Calendar

Benefits Advantage 2020: Special Issue